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So, I got some contaminated hemp and got sick a bit back again.....you will see a post about the brand and everything once I get more info and testing done. ANYWAY the post distention sag and bump completely destroyed my perfect ab look I was going with and I still have a bit of a tummy and stretched skin...god was thinking I looked like I recovered from a pregnancy....so this go me thinking what to some ladies use to fix this kind of issue after a pregnancy other then yoga, stretching core work etc. SO I looked it up and found a Postpartum Girdle.....seemed really odd at first but said oh well I hate the way this look so much my pride goes under that bus....and I got one. I must say after a few days of wearing it I have noticed it tightening up and looking better already...and the one I got is providing some WONDERFUL back support lol.....this is really kind of super awkward but I figured it might be useful to others with this annoying issue as something to consider.

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