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Could I have celiac disease?

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So I have been having some symptoms that seem to line up with celiac disease. I have horrible stomach pain/bloating/gas daily, I have low bone density and have had 3 stress fractures in the past three years (even though I consume lots of calcium/vitamin d), I am short/thin, sometimes have trouble sleeping/wake up in the middle of the night, constantly hungry no matter how much I eat, and generally have low energy even when I get 8+ hours of sleep. I have had blood work done but it came back negative for celiac disease - I have heard of false negatives so is it possible that I could still have celiac disease? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Yes it is possible. Do you have copies of your tests and the results? Sometimes doctors don't run a full panel or the results are a low positive and the doctor will call it negative.  Also how long ago was it that you were tested. Just because you previously were negative on testing doesn't mean you still would be. Do not go gluten free until all testing is done related to celiac. After you have exhausted all celiac related testing then give the diet a good strict try.  Sometimes the body gives us answers that testing can not.

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