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TTG Results - how quickly do they change?

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Hello again friends - still on the subject of TTG but a slightly different question.

How quickly do TTG figures go up and down?   

If mine are 86, and I go on the Fasano diet in the New Year (before then I'll try really hard to be strict, too, but will probably eat certified gluten free food as it is Christmas!), should the figures have halved within the next year? Six months? 

Background in case it helps: I've always been what I consider to be strict.  Hardly eat out, read labels etc.

But in the last few months I've eaten out a handful of  times (ostensibly gluten free meals) and I've ingested gluten through a couple of bottles of Floradix (mistake, bought wrong stuff). I do have a shared kitchen but I thought we were being careful...  The other big thing is I've not always been buying gluten free certified stuff more recently, I've just been reading the labels to see if made on a shared line, etc.  I thought that was enough.

Problem is, my consultant hasn't tested my TTG since DX (it was sky high, above 100 in 2013, they never specified how much higher) and I'm not sure if the figure of 86 is actually a rise in recent months, or whether it has continued to come down ever so slowly....

Thank you

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Consider checking out one if these newer UK NHS celiac center support post diagnosis  groups/clinics. There may be one near you.  I did not listen to the entire lecture, but there were other lectures and you might find them useful.  


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