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Back from my endoscopy with more questions than answers, LOL!

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1st of all my GI is AMAZING.  Not only is he a great doc, but he also is just a great guy.  We had a great time, LOL!!

The findings were:
1) Hiatal hernia
2) Duodenal tissue looked normal, but he took 10 biopsies to be sure.
3) I may have Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is an chronic allergic/immune response to a certain food (we don't know what it would be), leading to a buildup of the white blood cells eosiniophils. The evidence was from rings in my esophagus that shouldn't be there. Biopsies were taken to evaluate for that.

So now I wait. Only I would add another possibility onto my crazy health situation, LOL!!! He was baffled by my positive TTG celiac blood test, if the biopsy comes back negative. But at least they can see that there is SOMETHING going on in there, and that my body is reacting to something. Now we just to see if it's gluten, or if it's something else.

He did recommend a 2 week trial of a gluten free diet to see if it helped alleviate any symptoms.

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