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Awol cast iron stomach

Ewol's turn ? Pediatric immunology and gi consult pending-AWOL is sad

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Well as many of you know me mom AWOL is not new to forum. Wowl ( son) realized he's like mom post mom's g challenge as I modified the family diet according to my authoritarian immune system's desires. Wowl knew quickly he's like mom and dropped gluten outside home as well. Ewol was not sure.

My dear Ewol , I have mentioned, I was suspect may also have issues. She is now being referred to allergist/ immunologist and pediatric gi.  

Here we go......

despite my request to test both Ewol and wowl in 2016 with celiac blood panel while my home was still shared gluten.

 Ped said no symptoms let's figure out what you are Mom (AWOL) finish your planned gluten challenge and scopes. Well gluten had to be banned for horrendous reasons only you as a community know....

so now fast forward to December 2017, my precious early teen at Halloween ate some pizza and pretzels at friends party (as gluten is banned from AWOL's home since oct 2016- it's evil) she only gets it in the big bad g world 

now Ewol has lost 20 lbs without trying

here we go.....??

keep you posted

as we now will have to wait in the que for insurance change in January and wait for openings at allergist/ immunologist and ped gi

keep Ewol in your thoughts as it appears AWOL's gluten intolerant genes are potentially genetically ferociously strong / passed on in her offspring ....

my babies - I'm sorry ?

poor EWOL


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6 minutes ago, Ennis_TX said:

Took some code reading but got it....yeah but at least she has it easy to figure out, has a supportive mother, and a already dedicated gluten free house....seems very blessed. 

Ditto that!

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Thanks Ennis and squirmingitch

much appreciated 

yep didn't know what to call my kids without using names so I decided to vary the awol moniker

wowl is son 10

ewol is daughter 13

i must currently talk in code to likely hold back my anger, wrath, rage and the circumstances. Keeps me calm

also got headaches and lightheaded symptoms from Multiple chemical sensitivity issues at stores today so likely brain malfunctioning too. Christmas shopping and scents everywhere 

left arm is numb today probably MCS manufacturered chemical corn based scented crap


 Thanks for support I need it


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13 is a hard age in the first place. 13 & a girl is even worse. So much pressure on them. Well, she found out didn't she? Sometimes the hard won lessons are the best lessons. Ah, if we could only save our kids from having to learn things this way but it's something that has been going on since probably the beginning of humankind. Doesn't make it any easier to watch though when she's going through hell from the gluten. Poor baby girl.

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