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Can Anyone Piece Together This Haplotype Data Better Than Myself?

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Hello again all,


And Happy Holidays!


l did 23andMe reports recently (ancestry only). From what l've read about the health reports, there are more accurate services and tools you can use with the raw data, so l didn't purchase the somewhat pricey health report from 23andMe :P


l used some free services and did pay 20.00 for this NutraHacker report. Not a diagnostic tool but at least covers HLA types.


l'm still gluten free but taking a break from seeking a diagnosis with doctors, was wondering if this information means much.


l got as far as understanding that the pair HLAdq 2.2 (both snps?) are detected in most patients. So l'm homozygous for one of the snps but the other is not detected at all, not making me part of this haplotype.


Anything else l should know? l'm assuming my 'risk' is on the low end with the 9.1 percent DQ2.5, in the table.




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I can not contribute to the 23 and Me test interpretation, but I will state that some 35% of the population is known to carry the genes that COULD develop into celiac disease.  Only a tiny fraction actually go on to develop it.  The gene test is primarily used to exclude a diagnosis.  For  example, my family members could take the gene test.  If they do not have the celiac genes, they will most likely never have to worry about getting celiac disease.  They will not have to take an antibodies test ever again.  Genetic testing can be expensive and might not be covered under health insurance.  It can be useful in some cases for to help with a diagnosis, but that is not common.  

For my kid?  No.  I do NOT want her to have a genetic test.  Why?  What if she is positive (good chances that she would be)?  Now a  company might deny her health or life insurance.  Again, her risk may be low, but do insurance companies care?  I have been denied in the past for health insurance just for having Hashimoto’s even though my doctors wrote letters telling them that my health was great and I was competing in triathalons.    I am not giving any ammunition to my kid’s health insurer in light of our current U.S.  unstable healthcare insurance.  Just something to think about.....


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