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swollen feet with celiac.. what could this mean?

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1 hour ago, sarahapril224 said:

recently my mom has been having very swollen feet. she is nearly a year into recovery and being gluten free. she is taking all her vitamins. please help me

This could be many thing she and probably needs to see a doctor, from diabetes to edema. I had swollen feet/ankles from too much sodium and water retention causing edema about a year ago and had to regulate my vitamin C, potassium, and take some stuff for it. But she could be dealing with something much more serious, like diabetes. If she is eating a bunch of gluten free breads and processed foods...that could be part of it, Most are made with starches, high glycemic flours, sugars, and a ton of sodium. Try going to a whole foods diet with less processed foods for while, watching sugar, starches, carbs, and sodium. See if this helps, also go talk to a doctor and a nutritionist if you can.

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