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Is celiac disease responsible for sudden yellow stool?

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A couple months ago, I started having yellow stool and it has not stopped since. I’m 14 and I got my period when I was 12 and have never skipped a period. However, my body frame is quite small and I look like a 11 year old. I have always been at the lower end of the growth percentiles but I’ve never lost a drastic weight but I’ve grown slowly always maintaining my curve. Has anyone with celiac have yellow stool for several months? I’ve always had low appetite and I’ve gained weight slowly. My breasts aren’t quite as developed as they should but I eat plenty to calories. My period wasn’t delayed so I’m not sure if I have celiac but I was wondering if my symptoms point to anything. Am I just slow to mature? Is stool change a first sign that something is not absorbing the way it should or does this mean my intestines are highly damaged? The stool color has me worried. I have no pain just some bloating.

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You really need a celiac blood test panel. Are your parents planning on taking you to the doctor soon? Bring with you a list of your symptoms, and keep eating gluten until all your testing is over.

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