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Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise

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I have just returned from this cruise on Polarlys ship.  I told the in advance I was coeliac and they told me options would be available at all meals.  True, but please be warned....

Most lunches and some evening meals are self service buffets.  On the hot counter they put meat and sausages in the same dish, but staff say 'you can eat the meat'!!

Everything should be labelled with allergens, but many labels completely wrong.  For example, potato and leek pie which had a layer of crust hidden in the middle despite being labelled no gluten, reindeer casserole again labelled not gluten but sitting on a bed of pasta, berry mousse, again labelled OK but served on a biscuit.  The 'cream' for desserts often contained barley but had no label at all.

I frequently asked staff to clarify and was told 'yes of course it contains gluten' .... but why does the label not say so?

I only got glutened once and fortunately for me the consequences were only mild.  However I was mortified and very upset as this was the first time I had a catered-for holiday since diagnosis 6 years ago.

I have provided feedback to Hurtigruten that their staff either do not understand or do not care, but their response has been underwhelming to say the least!

Actually, the food was wonderful in itself, for a non-coeliac, but be very careful.

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You might want to contact their executive offices, in writing, and remind them that under nautical tradition, it is considered most improper to poison the paying guests, even if that is by accident, language failure (English is SO rarely spoken) or other good excuse.

 They might actually take note of this and give their food staff specific training in food allergies, as many of the other allergies won't just upset the guests, they can hospitalize or kill them.

 The local restaurant may not be able to do better--but cruise lines live and die on their reputation for hospitality and how they treat guests. And given their current understanding of food allergies, I wouldn't go on their ships even if I brought my own dog food [sic] along.

 When the staff don't know, the only proper answer is "I don't know." That's part of training, too.


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On 3/28/2018 at 2:35 AM, Corrie said:

Thanks for your responses. At least I know a little better what I’m dealing with. I have contacted them and am waiting back to hear. My cruise isn’t until January 2019. 

Hope you enjoyed your cruise.  Was there gluten-free food available?  I guess gluten free bread was not provided?

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I have been on three Norwegian cruises in the last two years. I was impressed with their attention to detail when dealing with my gluten-free needs. They have a separate toaster section in the buffet area and they do serve gluten-free bread. In addition, every evening a dedicated staff person would review the following Day’s menu and I would select what I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
They served gluten-free waffles and French toast on request for breakfast. It was a great experience. 

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