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Starting AIP

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I had several attempts to aip protocol but only managed to continue for three weeks .I dont eat gluten free grains and pseudo grains a lot and eat dairy once in a while.

Anyways im not sure whether i should start aip diet today on christmas?? I ate too much yesterday and i feel horibble,my face is swollen.We were going to cook turkey without any seasonings or stuffing(not because of aip but im not sure the spices on market are gluten-free) so that would not be a problem!

By the way, i dont want to eat meat for breakfast.Anyone has any ideas for how can i manage this diet for at least three months?


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I did AIP a year ago for almost 4 months (starting reintroductions after 4 weeks). It was overwhelming at first.  I spent a lot of time reading websites and blogs about AIP for knowledge and support. I had to really plan ahead because it’s really hard to find meals and snacks on the go. The first week I was really hungry-I ended up spending a couple hours at Whole Foods reading labels and spent way too much money on specialty ingredients and snacks just for variety!

I cooked in bulk on my days off and carried a bag of AIP friendly snacks and meals with me when on the go. Planning got get easier as time went on but I did miss eating out and having to plan and prepare every meal every day without spontaneity.

It wasn’t easy but it was worth it for me to have a clearer understanding of how various foods made me feel. This is how I discovered my gluten sensitivity. I am in a much better place health wise than this time last year. 

I’ve included some links to things that helped me.

This website was a great starting point for me: http://www.phoenixhelix.com/

these bars were a lifesaver: https://epicbar.com/bar-detail/1

I received information about a support group that was starting this week for people trying the AIP diet again. (I didn’t sign up.) I don’t know if it’s still open. 


I hope you get the answers you are looking for. Keep us updated.



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