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Juul pods gluten free?

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So I emailed the company and they didn't say specifically if it was gluten free but they provided an ingredient list.

- Glycerol  (Gluten Free)
- Propylene Glycol (Gluten Free)
Natural Oils, Extracts, Flavors (Would like insights if anyone knows if these are gluten free)
- Nicotine (Gluten Free)
- Benzoic Acid (Gluten Free)

* Or if anyone knows where the company derives the source for these e.g. if they use gluten containing ingredients to make Oil, Extract, Flavor

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My only concern would be a natural oil derived from barley malt...I can see this being used in some things.....if your vaping you might just look into making your own solutions and getting a refillable vape pen. I mix my own with CBD oils....I found out one company I just recently started using for my own baked goods and beverages are all rated for use in vaping. >.< I will admit I laugh at the idea of smoking biscuits, breakfast cereal, fruit loops, cinnamon danish, etc. But they do also offer flavors of tobacco, cool mint, etc. Do some research and see about doing your own with the flavors and distilled water. Check out Capella for a list of flavors, the drops go a long way, in baking, and using in smoothies beverages I use 1-1.5 drops to a oz. of liquid base. I read in vaping you use a 1:9ml ratio somewhere. https://www.capellaflavors.com/13ml

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