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Any gluten free bread/roll mix option for non-baker?

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So guys, since I have the flatbread covered [Thanks EnnisTx!] I am now looking into a roll or or baked bread for tuna sandwich and salmon burgers.  I am not a baker so baking bread from scratch would be very difficult for me so I looked into what was suggested in another thread here:


Getting a bread/roll mix option which tastes good would work best for me, any referrals please? Or have anyone tried the bread in link above and can give feedback on it?

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-_- Unsure here, I like my own roll recipe quite a bit, but it is made low carb, still the closest thing I have ever gotten to those heat and eat yeast rolls from my child hood without yeast, starch, carbs, gluten, or dairy.  Can be made softer by cutting  the psyillum husk in half, but I made it with that much to simulate those tough rolls from thanksgiving. For a bread the Julian bakery seems best toasted, but works in a pinch soft but seems a bit too soft like a cheap thin cut white bread. Again I make my own version a bit tougher by upping the psyillum husk to make it chewier. >.< Fun note I made my roll recipe with Capella Biscuit flavoring and gave it that "Pillsbury buttery biscuit" flavor.... you put 12-36 drops to your liquid in a batch depending on how buttery biscuit flavor you want.

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On 1/8/2018 at 3:03 PM, tessa25 said:

I would use Canyon Bakehouse white bread for a tuna fish sandwich.

Yes, I had it yesterday morning, toasted with butter and Daiya gluten-free cheese, tasted great, thank you! Now I can use that for tuna and fish burgers too.

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