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Jeanne E. Schneider

Celiac, Colitis and chronic UTI's

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1 hour ago, Jeanne E. Schneider said:

I have a question, (also have various allergies), is there also a correlation with Celiac D., and or, Colitis, that somehow 'may' be causing chronic UTI's too???  Sooo discouraged right now :-(


Going to see a Gastro Dr. in February :-(


Thank YOU



Sure.  UTIs  are caused by bacteria.  Diarrhea causes a lot of bacteria to get smeared around and it can get into your urinary track.  (I am assuming you are female) 




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Why wait until February?  Your PCP (or any medical doctor) can order the celiac antibodies blood panel before you even see the GI.  


I have a family member who struggled with UTIs for years (and she runs the nursing department at a teaching hospital).   She has not suffered from one since she went Gluten Free.  Celiac disease is systemic and affects everyone a bit differently.  It is one reason why it takes so long for most to get a diagnosis, but get that diagnosis or rule out celiac disease before you try the gluten free diet.  I just met a person who has been gluten free for years.  She actually works for a GI who has been bugging her to do a challenge, but she knows that 8 to 12 weeks of eating gluten is now going to make her very sick.  It is a shame that even those who work in the medical profession are so mis-informed (I do not know, but I bet she went gluten free prior to working for a GI).  

It might not be gluten, but since you are since you have Colitis....get it checked out.  

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