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What's going on with me?

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Hello everyone,

New to the forum and I think it's a great one! Keep fighting!

Well, where should i start? I'm a 24 year old male. I've had problems for about four years with different symtoms - dry skin, seborrea (I think), back and neck pain, dry eyes, depressed, tired but never with any gut problems... Therefore, it's been hard for me to get a diagnos (since i tought celiac was mainly a gut problem). Recently i got prostatitis-like symtoms and started to read about it since no doctor has ever helped me.

I started a gluten and diary free diet and almost all symptoms reduced with 80% within one and a half week. I didn't believe it myself. Do you think i have celiac or am I just very sensitive to gluten or diary? How come my symtoms got better so quickly? I thought it would take much longer for me to see any results. Now I just hope everyting will go back to normal but I'm still very interested if anyone has experienced something similar to me?

Be strong! 

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Hi and welcome :)

You may have celiac, the symptoms and response to gluten free diet match up, only way to know however is going back on gluten for a challenge.

another possibility is NCGS, which has similar symptoms, but no enteropathy, aka intestinal damage...

you need to decide whether you need an answer or are happy to stay on the diet as if you had a diagnosis already. Just be aware that If celiac you have to be strict on the diet.

For info theres a forum faq above and I triedto answer some FAQs here also 

note the top 2 tests mentioned are no longer in use! 

 The quick response is not unusual, I found there was an almost immediate improvement within say 3 days then a much longer recovery period for some of the more bizarre symptoms :)

you may find t helpful to keep a diary so you can track your response?

either way, welcome!


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