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Aisling Eldridge

What’s the actual spelling?!

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Coeliac or Celiac?  

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  1. 1. What is the proper spelling ??

    • Coeliac
    • Celiac

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43 minutes ago, cristiana said:

That's a great link Jmg.  I often wondered.  I have a funny feeling in 100 years, because language is ever changing, the 'o' will have dropped out of the English version.

Like now it's all right to write alright, etc etc.

Yes I agree, I expect differences in written English will steadliy diminish largely in favour of our American cousins usage, simply based on the internet, US biased spellchecking and the weight of numbers of US/UK users and also some of the archaic spellings not actually representing the phonetic version. 

Of course Joss Whedon may have got it right, by then English will also contain a fair degree of Mandarin...


Till then we must fight the good fight, defend our Greek O, Cry God for Harry and St George, send the gunboats up the Chesapeake :P


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I can think of far more important things to discuss on this board than how to spell the name of the disease. I also note that those taking part in the discussion seem to overlook that the US and the UK are not the only variations on the English language. In Canada we use a hybrid of US and UK spelling, with both forms generally being accepted. Humour me on this, because in my neighbourhood it is not the center of our existence. License me some linguistic freedom. ;)

Other spelling conventions exist in other counties where "English" is spoken.

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