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Kraft Jello Instant Pudding - Warning!

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The attached images speak for themselves.  These are two boxes of Cheesecake-flavored Jello Instant Pudding we opened today, purchased from the same store, at the same time, on the same day.  See the difference?  My young daughter (a new celiac) caught it.

Yes, there is "BARLEY" explicitly called out on the right box as part of the NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR.  However, the left box (apparently manufactured earlier and with an earlier expiration date) makes no mention of this.  Hmmm....

This seriously begs the question in my mind of whether the left box really contains no barley and is gluten-free, ...or not.

Hope this tip helps someone else out.  It was definitely a wake-up call to me!  Be careful out there.



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5 hours ago, Hellodee2 said:

Thanks for the warning. I started reading EVERYTHING, produce included, once Trump won the election. I don't even trust bags of lettuce or spinach. I know I'm being paranoid but better safe than hugging the toilet. ?

While gluten paranoia is completely alright and understandable due to how it effects us....PLEASE for gods sake lets leave ALL politics out of the forums, We do not need that can of worms in our community.

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So interesting!  Kraft (Unilever too) has a long-standing policy of disclosing gluten ingredients.  But they only clearly label a product “gluten free” when they have tested it to less than 20 ppm.  


So, ingredients change all the time on processed foods.  The lesson being READ ALL LABELS  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  So, I would assume that they recently changed their ingredients on this product.  

Me personally?  I used to buy Jello products and I did not get glutened by them, but I prefer the real thing.  I make my puddings from scratch.  Even my brother still makes pudding on the stove.  We even like it hot, because as kids we just could not wait for it too completely cool and set!  ?. I like the idea of less ingredients (preservatives, sugar and coloring), but I get the convenience of boxed puddings and jellos.  

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Well, son of a gun.  The other day I had some pudding I had made and used for another recipe - this was leftover.  Broke out.  Supposedly it was gluten free - I did read the label - so I didn't suspect it.  I'm getting really tired of the inability to use the simplest products and trust the simplest ingredient lists.  

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