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I've suspected for a while something is screwing with my body. I've had some geographic tongue that started about a year ago. On and off unexplained fatigue, etc. Went through a gambit of testing over the years but nothing came up.

Recently had the Cyrex array 3 done. Results were all normal except elevated IGG for wheat and wheat germ Agglutinin. I've read conflicting things on IGG, but mostly that it doesn't mean anything. Could it just be because I ingested wheat before the testing was done? Might eliminating wheat still be worth it?

Wheat IgG 1.92 0.3-1.5
Wheat IgA 0.52 0.1-1.2
Wheat Germ Agglutinin IgG 2.20 0.4-1.3
Wheat Germ Agglutinin IgA 0.27 0.2-1.1
Native & Deamidated Gliadin 33 IgG 0.42 0.2-1.2
Native & Deamidated Gliadin 33 IgA 0.31 0.1-1.1
Alpha Gliadin 17-mer IgG 0.29 0.1-1.5
Alpha Gliadin 17-mer IgA 0.25 0.1-1.1
Gamma Gliadin 15-mer IgG 0.62 0.5-1.5
Gamma Gliadin 15-mer IgA 0.37 0.1-1.0
Omega Gliadin 17-mer IgG <0.30 0.3-1.2
Omega Gliadin 17-mer IgA 0.14 0.1-1.2
Glutenin 21-mer IgG 0.96 0.1-1.5
Glutenin 21-mer IgA 0.22 0.1-1.3
Gluteomorphin + Prodynorphin IgG 0.33 0.3-1.2
Gluteomorphin + Prodynorphin IgA 0.11 0.1-1.2
Gliadin-Transglutaminase Complex IgG <0.30 0.3-1.4
Gliadin-Transglutaminase Complex IgA 0.24 0.2-1.5
Transglutaminase-2 IgG 0.72 0.3-1.6
Transglutaminase-2 IgA 0.63 0.1-1.6
Transglutaminase-3 IgG 0.88 0.2-1.6
Transglutaminase-3 IgA 0.29 0.1-1.5
Transglutaminase-6 IgG 0.45 0.2-1.5
Transglutaminase-6 IgA 0.20 0.1-1.5

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I've lost some of my sense of taste due most likely to zinc deficiency from not eating beef for a couple of years. Zinc supplement doesn't seem to help, but eating .5 to 1 lb of beef per day definitely does help. I noticed a positive change within days of eating beef. I don't know if your diet includes beef, but if it doesn't there's a reason for you.


Zinc and Geographic Tongue

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6 hours ago, billiardbum said:

Thought cyrex is very similar to a celiac testing panel?

Mostly I was just curious if IGG test results are worth anything as an indicator. I've read they can just indicate that you're actually tolerate or have recent eaten the foods (I was prior to the test).

I don't think they currently do medically approved Celiac testing ( last I heard).


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