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Sore tongue and nose

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Hi Teresa and welcome :)

Do you think you've been glutened? I get mouth ulcers sometimes when that's happened. 

Acyclovir/Zovirax was the only medicine that seemed to help with them. Oh and taking vitamins although that may be as much psychological.

Do you eat dairy? Only asking as I have found it bad for my skin etc and have recently removed it completely from diet and feel a lot better. So I probably have some confirmation bias! 


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6 hours ago, Teresa811 said:

Hi been diagnosed as cealiac over 2 years ago at present have very sore tongue and ulcer like sores end of my nose 

any advice how to clear these up creams etc would be fab 

Having had a horrid time with a sore tongue recently, I can pass on a bit of advice from one consultant.  It is good to ensure that one's ferritin is up to at least 40 to deal with sore areas in the mouth.  Might be worth getting a blood test.  Also, B12 is another one to watch.

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