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Is diagnosis based on Anti-Endomisial Antibody IgA and IgG enough?

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A couple of months ago I was very sick, had problems with my throat so the doctor prescribed antibiotics.

Before that I had some problems with my stomach, but it was just a Dysbiosis and doctors always treated it without problems.

After taking the antibiotics everything went to hell, Dysbiosis was back.

Prescriptions were working, but if I was stopping to take them I was suffering from diarrhea and gases, So my last doctor asked me to take Anti-Endomisial Antibody IgA and Anti-Endomisial Antibody IgG tests.

Both came back as positive 1:10.

Based on this my doctor told me that I have Celiac Desease.

I am on my 3rd day of Gluten Free diet, still in shock. My country is not very developed and to find gluten-free food is practically impossible, anything you find is so expensive, that you need to be rich to buy it. But this is another story.

Are these tests enough to tell that I have Cardial Desease?

Update: My doctor told me to go on gluten free diet and after 1-2 weeks my symptoms will be gone and after 2 months I will again pass the same tests to see if the results have changed. After the results are negative I will start eating gluten food for some time and we will see if the symptoms come back or not and if the antibodies are back or not by blood test. Is this a good practice?


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Hello and welcome :)

this one slipped past without a reply, oops! 

Im going to reply in your other thread and link to this one so that others can follow both your posts. 



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