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motivation - lack of

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Most of the people I know who have been diagnosed and follow a gluten free diet have never looked back.

However, for me, since diagnosis, it has been one thing after another. 

The thing is, I realised today one of the biggest things that has changed in the past few years is that I have become so unmotivated.  I have recently been diagnosed with costochondritis, and the burning, stinging pain makes me feel I can't be bothered.  I am borderline anemic but am in the strange situation that I cannot supplement much as I risk getting polycythemia.   I don't have thyroid problems.

Meanwhile, tasks are stacking up around me, things need doing, but I find I do the minimum all the time.  I look at people twenty years my senior in awe and wonder how they achieve so much.

Is there anyone reading this that feels this way?

Has anyone found a way to get motivated again?


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Various aspects....yes. I try to set goals and find ways to make myself feel useful. Tell myself I am needed for this, needed for that, look over who benefits from my knowledge and info. Try to do work around the the house "nesting?" after doing something I always feel good about it and try to recall that feeling. Music that makes me feel like a warrior or sympathizes with upbeat notions helps......all else fails I look at funeral cost and consider how bad it would hurt my family if I passed and the cost would put so much burden on my loved ones.

Reinventing old recipes and flavors is always fun, and looking forward to healing a bit more or enjoying something....I look at food holidays and then research a gluten-free/low carb version and pull out flavors/extracts to have fun with that one day.

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Weren’t your antibodies up in November?  I would say you are still suffering from an active celiac flare.  It will take time to recover.  Listen to your body and rest.  

You will feel better soon!  



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Thank you so much for your replies.

Ennis - I took your advice and played some of my favourite music from years back (I have odd taste - I love music from the 30s and 40s) and I have to say that Fred Astaire, etc,  helped - so thank you for that!  I haven't played it in ages - perhaps it took me back to the time I wasn't feeling ill, so it was a bit like time travel!  

I found some research on the effects of chronic pain and it does demotivate people.  I think perhaps I have got quite depressed about it, RMJ.  I need to tackle that.

I've had months of gastric discomfort and the costochondritis makes me think that I really must be about to have a heart attack or have something else that is seriously wrong that they haven't found yet.  I am not sure it is the pain itself at times, it is the not knowing.  Maybe my latest celiac flare is responsible.

CL - you are right, I shall listen to my body and rest.  I'm having an endoscopy soon and I shall be interested to see if the elevated ttg has caused a huge amount of damage, or whether it might be something else going on.  


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