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Psoriasis or DH

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I have white fluid-filled blisters on both my palms and one ankle. It is extremely itchy. After the blisters burst, the skin remains very red and becomes scaly. The irritated area is well defined, with a darker-red tone. 

After treating with steroids for nine months, the condition seems to still be getting worst. 

I have not avoided gluten for just 6 days now, and this seems to have a positive effect, for the first time, although it is improving very slowly. 

The dermatologist diagnosed these blisters as psoriasis, but I suspect it is DH because even while treating with steroids, it keeps getting worst-- my hands feel like they are burning from the inside. Also, because the blisters appear on both my palms, symmetrically. 


here is a picture of the blisters at a very early stage:



After a while:



Here is a picture of now.



It was getting a bit better and then this morning some blisters appeared again. Perhaps because I accidentally had one spoon ice-cream which some crumbs of biscuit last night? :(


Does this look like DH? Or is it really psoriasis? Has anyone had a similar experience? 

Thanks for your help,






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