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transglutaminase Igg results

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Hi, I’m new here. I’m waiting for a endoscope and colonoscopy in 10 days. I have iron defiency anemia and receive iron infusions. 

I had the celiac panel done and most of it shoed negative accept igg was marked high at 20 or 21.

so now I’m confused. Should I still have the biopsy or is it unnecessary ? 



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Yes get the endo done. Make sure you keep eating gluten until after the scope is done.  What tests did they do of the celiac panel?  Some doctors don't run a full panel and in addition you don't need to be positive on all the tests to be celiac. There are folks that are false negative on the blood tests and still have lots of damage on the biopsies. Make sure your doctor takes at least 6 different biopsies from different areas. even then damage can be patchy and be missed so do give the diet a good strict go no matter what the test results. Do read the 'Newbie 101' at the top of the Coping section and ask any questions you need.

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Each lab has it's own values. There is no across the board standard. The lab report should have the range #'s.

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