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Is biopsy necessary ?

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Why I am screening for celiac.

- Am very thin.

- slight sensation loss in hands and feet.

- back acne ( don't think it is dermatitis herpetaformis since no itching)

- fatigue

- already have an autoimmune condition.


Why I don't think i have celiac.

- negative ttg iga and ema ( no iga deficiency )

- no anemia

- no dq2 ,dq8.( Gene testing)

- no gi symptoms except slight constipation.


My Country doesn't have the celiac rate that America has. So doctors are not very aware of it and convincing then to do a biopsy is very difficult. And also I don't want to do biopsy if it's unnecessary. So should I get a biopsy or not ? Please help me out. Thanks in advance.



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There are more celiac panel blood tests for a complete panel. If possible you should have a complete panel run.  There are celiacs that have positive biopsies even without any obvious GI symptoms. As to the gene tests there are celiacs that don't carry one of those two genes.  Those are the most common but there are others.  I am one of those odd balls.

When all testing is done you could give the diet a good strict try to see if it helps the issues you are having but make sure you keep eating gluten foods until all celiac related testing is finished.

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