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Hey, I was born in 1969 and was fed Similac.  I’m trying to determine if it had gluten in it at all, but I am finding nothing about it.  Certainly, they did not know about not feeding gluten for the first 6 months then but I am wondering if that 1969/70 recipe inclulded any gluten ingredients.  It’s really hard to find that info online after searching.  I’m trying to find out what may have triggered the celiac just for my own knowledge.  I did also have mononucleosis and a very stressful parental divorce and I guess those things could have caused or contributed too.   Would love to hear from anyone who might have resources for the Similac recipe, though, even if it’s just leads to pursue.  Thanks, guys!



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Hi Ellie, I don't know about the similac but the celiac was caused by your genes. What triggered the celiac could have been the stress of the divorce, the mono could have triggered it or a physical or emotional stress you may have forgotten about.  Consuming gluten doesn't cause celiac a severe stressor usually triggers it in those that have the genetic propensitiy.

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