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Bit confused into what your inquiring, I can give you some references to the newbie 101 section and a list of gluten free alternatives.

Most find it easier to start off on a whole foods only diet, no processed foods just simple whole food meals, this will boost healing and keep it simple. Stuff like crock pot meals of roast, soups, stews, omelettes, salads etc. Simple baked meats and steamed greens is another way but if your suffering digestion issues soft, stewed, and steamed to mush foods are best. I found it easiest to transition by getting new microwave cook ware from nordicware for steaming, grill plates, omelette makers, etc so I would not need to replace all my expensive cookware out right and got by with that for a while. Butcher paper and freezer paper make great clean prep areas, foil line baking dishes, crockpot liners can save you with CCed cookware for while. New condiment jars/butter containers are a must. And depending on symptoms you might need to supplement a few things til your gut heals, common ones are b-vitamins, magnesium, vitamin D, folate, etc. Removing dairy and oats for a month or so will also help, many develop issues digestion dairy due to the enzymes being produced by the villi which are damaged and oats are commonly CCed and 10% of celiacs also react to them.



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