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Depends on the country.

AUS - contains barley (http://www.marschocolate.com.au/products/mars/mars-bar-36g/)

USA - Snickers are devoid of gluten ingredients (https://marschocolate.com/snickers/snickers-bar), Mars bars are imported from Europe

Mars (the company) says that it will label allergens clearly if they are in the product, and provide precautionary statements if there is a risk of CC  (https://www.mms.com/us/legal/allergen.html). They don't say this explicitly, but I know from some of their other products (eg. Uncle Ben's rice) that they do label stuff gluten-free (presumably only when they are very sure).

Mars' website(s) are horrendous, and I couldn't find ingredient lists for any other country or region. However, based on their allergen policy, it might be fine to assume that the bars are safe as long as the ingredients list is ok and there are no warnings. Personally, I would want to see them say it's gluten-free either on their website or on the package, but I am quite sensitive.



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In Europe Mars Bars are not Gluten Free. The easy way to tell is to read the ingredient list as, under European law, any of the 14 main Allergens must be highlighted if found in the product and that includes Cereals containing Gluten. In this case we are talking about Barley Malt. 

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