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Asymptomatic Celiac Diagnosis

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I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in June of 2017. It took me and my doctor be complete surprise because I had zero symptoms. I went the gastroenterologist because I had an uncomfortable feeling hear my gall bladder and severe heartburn. An ultrasound and CT scan confirmed there was nothing wrong, except a small gallbladder polyp.  I was diagnosed as having Celiac after an endoscopy, which was also confirmed by bloodwork. I had a very hard time excepting this diagnosis. I finally went gluten-free in September and to be perfectly honest, I feel no different. I still have the side pain on occasion. And I have been on nexium since the diagnosis and I still get incredible heartburn AFTER eating gluten-free food. The heartburn has been so bad that I have gone to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. I am wondering if the diagnosis is wrong and while I am fortunate that I do not have the Celiac symptoms that many do, I don't feel this lifestyle is benefiting me, it is hindering me. I love food and eating gluten free, plus the doctors wanting me to follow the heartburn diet, will just put me over the edge. I feel silly complaining, because I know if this is the worst disease that I have my entire life, then I'm lucky. But it has really taken a toll on me. I'm hoping there is someone else that has had a similar experience and can give me tips on dealing with all of this. 

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Try keeping a food diary for now, and recording what food are giving you the heartburn, See about rotating foods and removing certain spices, seasons, and staples from your diet for a few weeks at a time. Remove dairy and oats also. With this disease it is very common to develop other food intolerance issues, the damage leads the body to have these. A intolerance in many cases can be causing that really bad heartburn your having.

OH if you want incentives, that intolerance issue....well you get more and more of them if you keep eating gluten....and the list of foods you can eat shrinks, you also get random allergies to foods you used to eat, chances to develop other auto immune disease, and cancers. -_- you should see my list of NOs,

You might see about getting a follow up blood test  again and see if your numbers came down, if they are still up then you might not be eating as gluten free as you think. Note you have to change out many things, get rid of contaminated cookware, utensils, condiment jars, read labels, and eating out or others houses is like playing Russian roulette and not suggested.

If your still having issues look into a FODMAP diet perhaps. I found the food diary to be life saving in finding foods that give me issues, some crop out of no where and have to be avoided for weeks which lead me to rotate my diet to prevent these from cropping up.

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