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Gluten free foods

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1 hour ago, Skooch said:

I am new to the gluten-free way of eating.  Can someone with Celiac disease diagnosis have food with SOY products?  Or is gluten-free on Wheat, Barley, and Rye products??

Thank you in advance


Soy is gluten-free.  The only foods we neeed to avoid are ones that contain wheat, rye or barley and non-certfied as gluten-free oats.  Some oats contain wheat from the farming and harvesting process.

Let me get you a link to the list.  Be right back


Start here - 


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Right, soy is naturally gluten-free.  But it is often used in soy sauce which usually has gluten in it.  So you have to check ingredient labels.  The other possible issue with soy is that it is a top 8 allergen in the 
USA.  So lots of people have reactions to it.

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Soy is not gluten, but many of us with celiac disease are also intolerant to soy. Most soy sauce has more wheat than soy--read labels carefully. If you are in Canada, VH Soy Sauce is gluten-free. The brand is owned by ConAgra, but is only sold in Canada. VH makes many sauces; most if not all are gluten-free.

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