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At the end of my tether - intolerant to nearly everything!

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More ideas: 

- spanish potato tortilla (also good cold, as a snack)

- all sorts of fritattas, with leftovers vegetables like bell peppers and zuchinni

- Rösti with sausages or egg

- rice paper rolls (w/ vegetables and rice noodles, thai seasoning)

- fried rice (w/egg, broccoli, carrot, chicken..) 

- french galette complet (buckwheat crepe w/with ham, cheese, egg, spinach...) 

- polenta with whatever topping you prefer (sauteed oyster mushrooms and salvia, ragout, spinach and poached egg, sauteed tomatoes and pesto..)

- Baba ganoush on gluten-free bread (good alternative to hummus)

- chinese cabbage rice rolls with minced meat 

- sushi rolls

- chicken wraps (corn flour ones) 

I really like the Monash app because it distinguishes between similar ingredients, like types of cabbage or types of mushrooms, canned vs. fresh, where some are problematic and others not. Also has the usual tolerated amounts of each ingredient and recipe suggestions.

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I started to have food issues too, to the point of allergy shock. My immunologist did a test and found out I have mast cell disease as well as celiac and OP. Request a tryptase level blood test done. The meds have helped me, but I am still limited on food choices. Better than before.

At first they thought I had IBD, which is a sign of mast cell involvement. Having Celiac Disease predisposes you to this. It might be worth looking into. My go to food is bone broth and rice when I can't tolerate anything else, and my Udi's bagels.

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