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SunVoi Rice Sticks

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So Last night I ran out of my gluten-free rice sticks brand and I tried a package of the SunVoi rice sticks my mom gave to me a couple weeks ago. I quickly looked up to see if they were okay and everything I read insisted they were gluten-free, well they were not. I spent all night on the floor crying so sick, I wasn't able to find relief like I normally do because I recently found out that i'm pregnant. I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried this brand with luck, and if not warn some people about the contamination.

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Sorry you were ill.  Personally, there were several things that would pop up on my radar:

1.  processed food from a country that has very few celiacs, if at all

2.  Not certified.  If you think you are super sensitive, this might be something to rely on, especially  imported products where they might not follow good manufacturing processes to avoid cross contamination.  

Feel better soon.  Congratulations on your pregnancy!



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