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Hi , Im nearly two years gluten free and I don't  seem have it anymore . It comes on in a very subtle way , you don't really notice it, but over the last few months , I noticed that I didn't have to pause as much as I did before making a statement or answering a question. Remembering things is a lot easier for me now .

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9 hours ago, lori t said:

is brain fog a common feeling with celiac or gluten sensitivity? i am 3 weeks gluten free but wondering when this feeling will go away. 

Hello and welcome :)

Yes brain fog is a very commonly reported symptom.  Everyone's experience is different but in my case I noticed a lessening of brain fog very soon after going gluten free, but then there was a much more gradual improvement over time.

It may help you to keep a food journal at this time, you can track any responses from your body to your diet.  Did you get celiac blood tests prior to going gluten free?

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