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Hi everyone , I was diagnosed and had the biopsy 2 years ago . Last year my TTG was 15.5u/l negative,  (16-20 inconclusive) (20 + positive ..

Just got my latest TTG and its 10.7u/l  so it's still negative and has come down some again which I'm happy about . I don't have the bloating or the brain fog  anymore, that strange feeling of having a clear head again  . 

             Going on holiday can be difficult sometimes as some hotels are still not familiar with  gluten free  etc, but I manage to get by . 

                    Funny thing is now , I don't miss certain foods like pizza's , burgers etc , I quite like my diet , I'm not as restricted as I thought I would be initially.  I do have osteoporosis which is a result from having Celiac I also have a stoop which also is from the condition and Vitiligo an autoimmune condition which is probably due to the Celiac.

                           My father died at 63 from bone marrow cancer , he was never diagnosed a Celiac but some symptoms he did have , brain fogging was one, losing his train of thought, eczema etc, he also had a stoop .

                  I like to read and browse the forums, it's a great site with so many contributions from Cycling Lady and everyone else , take care , thanks again.

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