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Diane S.

Communion Hosts

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Depends on the host, who makes them, how much you eat it, and the person. I react to stuff below 20ppm if in constant exposure I learned from some CCed hemp protein that tested at 16ppm, took me a week to start getting symptoms.
I think the main "low Gluten" host was below 5ppm? Your probably not doing too much damage but I would personally see about taking it monthly instead of weekly, or take a anti gluten enzyme "Gliden X" just to be a bit more sure since it can help with CC symptoms. I would like to think of what your doing as taking 3 steps forward 1 step back every week in a healing rate just to put it into a odd perspective. I do not wish to judge but depending on your pastor/priest/church leader you might be able to do what I did. I make gluten free bread myself and have my pastor bless it and let me have it for our communion, I just feel safer this way and honestly believe god does not wish me to be sick and would accept this.

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