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Abdominal distension getting worse.

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I have been able to maintain fairly good digestion and a manageable belly until two weeks ago. I was staying at a hotel and we were snowed in. All their was to eat was muffins. I figured I could deal with the future discomfort as a trade off for not starving. Two weeks later my belly is still distended. People are even commenting on it.  In the past, a reaction only lasted a couple day.  I am in my sixties now, is this what I have to look forward too? Thanks!

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My distention normally goes away in less then 24 hours just leaving me to wear a girdle for awhile til the skin goes back.
Might look at getting your antibodies tested to see if they go down, might do for a cleanse of the gut and a flushing to sort of reset it with simple meals like stews, soups eggs. Maybe a week of psyllum husk, or flush with a full bottle of magnesium citrate to clean out, then go whole foods only for a month. You might have gotten a new intolerance that could causing inflammation so check with a food dairy and rotate, it is often something you were eating when you consumed gluten.

PS future you might do what I do, I keep Julian bakery bars, kind bars, bags of nuts/seed, and Miracle Noodle MRE kits with me when I head out enough for 2+ days in case of emergencies. OH and if stuck at a hotel like that see about getting hard boiled eggs and fruit....I got stuck without food in san antonio once with delayed luggage and just had them boil me some eggs in the hotel kitchen so I could get by that next morning.

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