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Becoming more sensitive to other foods, is this a thing?

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I have been a celiac for almost 13 years now, over the years of doing the treatment I started to feel that I became more sensitive to other foods. It is really frustrating, I don't really know where to begin to finally heal myself :/

All the best,


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Yeah, I get what I like to call rolling intolerance issues, where I get a food that will make me sick randomly for a few weeks...I found rotating my diet and cuisine works best. Like choose certain greens, nuts, seeds, eat them for a week or so then completely remove them from my diet  can find something else for that set of nutrients while maintaining a diet of balanced nutrient intake that works best for me (I am keto high fat/protein to help other autoimmune diseases on top of celiac). Here is a interesting read. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/are-food-sensitivities-for-life

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