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Promising Celiac Medication Report

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https://www.beyondceliac.org/research-news/View-Research-News/1394/postid--110185/?utm_campaign=Research Opt-In&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=63728458&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-94UI2Bnq5AyVwicTvM9xl-okSsFjDZKboiy6yL3oVT1kKe0-kxMX9i7HwZUWgM66kodg0tM-Nymv9vFIDcEw_S_K0iyQ&_hsmi=63728458


Edit: Note, this is not a pill but a subcu injectable medication. It would be like giving yourself an allergy shot or insulin. So it would seem to avoid some of the problems that Celiac pill meds have presented such as timing and less than complete integration with the gluten in the ingested food. The injection would give a more systemic effect.

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