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I recently went through a 7.5 week trial of no gluten suggested by my midwife after she found out about my hives, strange face rash, new allergies, skipped periods, difficulty losing weight etc. By the end I was running faster at the gym and my unexplained anxiety went down. I tried gluten for a week and by the seventh day I had a very angry bloated belly after eating anything. My face rash had also returned, fatigue, canker sore, explosive d... It's been 4 weeks now completely gluten free. How long did it take you to start feeling better? The withdrawal symptoms (achy muscles, headaches, overwhelming fatigue) are gone but I'm still needing a nap nearly every day, have bathroom issues in the morning... Is there anything you did to feel better faster? After this trial I'm 100% convinced I have gluten intolerance if not celiac. I just want to feel like myself again.

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Eat meats, veggies, nuts and eggs.  Skip all the processed foods and also dairy and oats for a few months at least.  It can take 18 months to a couple years to heal from celiac damage.  The simpler your diet is at the beginning the easier it is to identify troublesome foods.  It is also good to cut way down or eliminate sugar, and carbs for a few months.

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