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Hello all

Well i’ve choosen to go Gluten Free after many symptoms and agony from bloating, Gas and constipation almost after every meal . It’s been 5 days since i stopped eating Gluten and i haven’t been off the toilet ...my question is : Is the Normal when giving it up ?

5-6 bowel moment a per day feelings of constipation and pellet like stool. I’ve also noticed some form of mucus like substance in my stool. I’m still eating plenty of fibre and water and diet is relatively the same pre going gluten free. 

I feel like i’m detoxing and like someone has pulled a plug from stomach and years worth of build up is coming out. I’ve also felt neasuea and tired. 

I have also been really bloated for the first week. Is this a common occurrence when giving up Gluten and will it get better ? 


thank you !

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Yeah, first few weeks feel like drug withdrawal. We also suggest removing all dairy, and oats, and going with simple soups, stews, and whole foods only meals to make it easier to navigate the new diet, crock pot/slow cooker stews/soups with bone broth cooked so everything is super soft will makes it easier on your gut for now.

Few things were you tested for celiac or do you intend to be tested? Celiac requires you to be eating gluten (causing damage) to be tested. Going gluten free now then having to start back on it for testing will cause symptoms to be much worse. You have to be eating it for 8-12 weeks daily for the blood test and 2 weeks for the following endoscope where they check for damage.
Otherwise read the newbie section, as the diet is a bit more strict, and requires some clean out, replacing certain things.


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thanks so much for the reply 

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