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If there is no gluten ingredient, can it show up in the end result?

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Hello, i want to try this weight loss aid as i have an upcoming wedding and i am panicking. so i emailed the company and this is what i got. Any thoughts on how if there’s no gluten inside that it could appear in the end result and that they can’t guarantee that? 

Also any thoughts on gluten free weight loss aids i can use?




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They probably buy the ingredients from various suppliers.  If the suppliers don't guarantee the ingredients are gluten-free then the end product cannot be called gluten-free without testing?  At least that's how I see it.

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Several brands I trust for other products make weightless supplements, NutraKey, Blue Star Nutraceuticals, and creative bioscience.  I tend to try stuff like test boosters, and muscle builders from then sometimes and had no issues with those lines.

Diet wise I always suggest a keto diet for manage weight, the body naturally will go into a burn fat stage if you only eat fat and no carbs. Your body changes gears to eat fat instead...then you fast for like 12-16 hours and your body just starts "pulling fat from the shelves" much better then a standard calorie restrictive diet, or a supplement induced one. Bit of a flu like symptoms as you body changes gears but can be done.

I adopted  paleo diet with a akins/keto base to manage my Ulcerative Colitis and since I body build....it notice much leaner defined muscles on this diet.

IN reference you your question...might be gluten free, but they do not test it and to their knowledge it does not contain it...but they will not tell you it is gluten free as that might be held against them if by chance it is not and you get sick.

>.< My paranoid self use a Nima Tester and dump the first pill from a bottle lot into a capsule to make sure my supplements are safe.

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