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[Probiotic] Kyo-Dolphius 9 - Cross contamination + 2 good probiotics.

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Hello fellow celiacs.

After reading many questions regarding this probiotic, I decided to contact the producer.
Dolphius 9 has 3 strains cc'ed. Kyo has other branded bottles which are labelled gluten free.

If you want another which is 100% gluten free, I suggest the lab tested (consumerlabs) Probiotic 5. 
It is designed for histamine intolerance, but will most likely help other people.
Link - https://www.pureencapsulations.com/probiotic-5-dairy-free.html

Two other which I currently use are:
Saccharomyces boulardii (Cytoplan LTD - stops diarrhea) and B.infantis (align - helps with histamine issues)

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Posted (edited)

Thanks!  Just a few years back, some GI’s were wondering why their patients were not getting well. Turns out a big chunk of the probiotics they tested were contaminated with gluten.  I hope this issue has been resolved.  Likeyou, I suggest a gluten free product that has been tested or try adding fermented foods into your diet.  

This is a blog published in the New York Times, but the links and research is valid.  


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