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Scott Adams

News: Celiac.com: How Sourdough Bread Is Helping People Eat Gluten Again

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If you're gluten-intolerant, sourdough bread could be your new best friend. ... even coffee, yogurt and body wash are labeled “gluten-free” as a selling point. ... Those with minor digestive issues or non-celiac gluten sensitivities will ...

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While informative for people with a light gluten issues....for celiacs this article can give mis information if they do not read it completely, and may even lead some new celiacs to injuring themselves as they will think this is a safe alternative to the 100% gluten free diet...thinking partially broken down gluten could be safe from them. While in fact it could be worse by minimizing outward symptoms for some while still causing just as much damage inside.

This is the kind of article we do not need here so much. Although it does explain while some celiacs could eat breads in Italy and not feel as sick as over here.

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