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Stomach ache after eating a meal

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I have been strict gluten-free since last August. In the last few weeks I have noticed that when I eat a meal, my stomach hurts after. Not strong pains but more of a feeling of being stuffed, even though I will only have had a small piece of meat and veg. The feeling lasts for about 2 hours and goes away. I'm not sure as to why. Everything is gluten-free and I am doing a low carb diet as I need to lose some weight. If I snack I do not get this feeling. Do you think something is wrong? 

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Food intolerance issues or sensitivities do go along and randomly crop up with celiac disease. If your intestines are still damaged and your stomach is iffy you might need to cook your food to almost mush to make it easier to digest, and consider taking digestive enzymes to make it easier. Meats can be a issue for some also, try leaner cuts and cooking them for a longe time til the about melt in your mouth like boiling into a broth and stew for a few hours. Might even consider removing them. Veggies can also be issue with the fiber load and with any new diet it can take time for your guts microbiome to adjust to new ratios of fiber, sugar, fats, protein.

Try keeping a food diary on what foods your eating and try removing and rotating off and on foods a few days at a time using a bland base diet. Also avoid common culprits like dairy, soy, oats.

IF your a newly diagnosed celiac you also might want to read the newbie 101 thread you might be missing something. Like having to get new cutting boards, collanders, etc that have scratches that can retain gluten. Or condiment jars that could have gluten crumbs.

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