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Julie P

Help needed on Updated on Viral Gastroenteritis & Recovery w/ Celiac

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Start at end of this for couple more questions if have a minute thanks


this is my first post so forgive me if this is not the correct spot- my apologies.

20 years undiagnosed Celiac - 9 years recovered- 12 days ago my husband ( not celiac) shared a gluten-free pizza and we both found ourselves with lethargic, terrible gas pains and explosive watery bowel, a mild headache .

my husband 7 days pretty much back to normal. Myself better but bowels are still recovering.

BRAT diet applesauce, bananas, teas, gluten-free bagel, eggs scrambled and rice/ jello - called reg Doctor on Monday and things were settling down now - every other day since Monday explosive bathroom visit just 1 time.

taking probiotics and digestive enzymes as always -

any advice to get things back to normal- ideas and opinions welcomed as I need to get out of the house without having a toilet trauma happen?

thanks in advance



updated most likely food poison salmonella -

changing probiotics- using ultra floraIB 3xs daily starting tomorrow - thinking all my good flora has been wiped out-

back to a protein/veggie/some fruit( berries) and nuts..

question ? What nuts would you all use- 

any other ideas?

icurrently use digestive enzymes  both types to break down foods

what current favorites of these do you all use- gallbladder gone for 30 years- 

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Maybe remove the carby/sugary foods for a few days.  Like the rice, bagel, banana, and applesauce.  Instead eat meat and veggies and nuts and eggs.  Also try some Pepto Bismol.  Some psyillum husks might hep too.

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Thanks will do -going the basics protein and veggies would be helpful- thank you 

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