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Laura Armeni-Kneesel

Positive Gliadin IgA (31.6) & EBV Virus

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My most recent tests show that I have the EBV virus in my system. I also tested positive to only one marker for Celiacs - Gliadin IgA. Could the reason I had the high marker be related to a flair up of the EBV virus? I was shocked to see I have Celiacs. I guess I am wondering:

1. If you test positive for one marker of Celiacs does that mean you have Celiacs ( I had read somewhere that two positive markers or more indicate Celiacs?

2. Once the EBV gets under control and becomes dormant could that affect the positive Celiacs marker and it goes into the negative?

3. I am trying to conceive, what challenges have women encountered with Celiacs and fertility and what are some things that you felt helped in concieving.


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Hi Laura,

You can ask your doc to do the full celiac disease antibodies panel.  It includes DGP IgA,and DGP IgG which are the best antibody tests for celiac right now.

Celiac disease can cause malabsorption of nutrients and that can cause low fertility.  You could ask your doctor to check all your vitamin and mineral levels.  B-vitamins, vit. D and iron can all be low in people with celiac.  Also trace minerals may be low.

Celiac testing is in 2 parts.  The blood antibodies and then an endoscopy to take biopsy samples for microscopic review.  You need to keep eating gluten until after all the testing is complete for accurate results.

Recovery from celiac damage can take over a year.

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