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So...I had all of the blood tests for celiac and they were all negative. But I am positive for hla-dq8 and I have Hashimoto's. Additionally, I've had and have weird rashes, joint pain, inflammation, constipation, etc. I'm not really sure what to do now. Apparently having that gene is enough for a clinical diagnosis and objectively I think my symptoms show that gluten adversely affects me. When I do go off of it, I feel great. 


So my question is- should I just assume it's better to be off of gluten? I realize I may not develop celiac even with the gene, but Hashimoto's also goes along with celiac. The only thing I haven't had is an endoscopy. I know I have leaky gut anyway. 


Would love any advice or help! 

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Have you read up on DH (dermatitis herpetiformis)?  DH is a skin rash that only people with celiac disease get.  It generally appears symetrically on the body, both elbows, knees etc.  DH is also itchy.  People with DH tend to test poorly on the blood antibodies sometimes.  Possibly because the antibodies are in the skin causing the DH rash.  The DH test is to take a small skin biopsy and test it for IgA deposits.

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