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(Chicken/egg question) Which is first, the gluten or the candida?

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So... I'm not sure I have fully certified Candida, but the first few times since quitting gluten that I accidentally got glutened, I had some of the rash situation, and part of it was uh... down there.

Anyway, last time it got very itchy and looked kind of sweaty, eww... and I came across the possibility that even a guy can get some yeast buildup down there especially from a compromised immune system, which gluten causes. Now, got glutened on Friday and in curious timing I have a white bump on my penis. Good thing the weekend is already over. I hope this thing goes away.

I have read both that gluten screw ups that weaken the immune system can cause some kind of yeast built up, and that Candida can cause various temporary food sensitivities...

So which more commonly (or always) comes first? 

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Oh I suppose if it wasn't already implied, I should add my own testimony on the matter...

In my case, the gluten intolerance symptoms showed up months before the candida like stuff, and in slow motion. I just started like, not doing too well with bagels, getting terrible stomach aches and bloating. Then over time add on a bunch of the other typical gluten intolerance symptoms and some to soy as well...

Then the last soy episode and the recent gluten episode both had me getting some skin looking like candida. Before those, I twice got the more Dh looking rash. I still get that on my feet.

Anyway, as I have to say in pretty much every post, ugh... what an annoying set of symptoms to have to reckon with each time I make a mistake.

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