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Healing, but still sick?

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I was diagnosed with Celiac in July of 2016. 

I had an endoscopy in April of this year, the damage seemed to be very minimal (On a scale from 0 to 5, five being the worst and 0 being healthy, I was a 1.) and the doctor told me I'm healing.... If I'm still healing...why do I still hurt SO BAD? It doesn't matter what I eat, rice, rice pasta, fruits, vegetables, I'm always in major pain and I'm always EXTREMELY BLOATED, and I spend all day burping and in burning, uncomfortable pain.

If I'm healing, why am I still sick? My gut hurts SO BAD and my life is a literal LIVING HELL, i can't even drink water without severe bloating and pain. I've been severely constipated for months now and the laxatives don't really seem to be working. The doctor wants my intestines to heal before he does anything else... so he's going to to do another endoscopy in a year.... I really don't want to wait around an entire YEAR before they do anything else, my gut hurts so bad I haven't even been able to look for a job, every day is a battle to live.

Any suggestions on how to help this? I'm so sick and tired of living in severe pain.

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With celiac we commonly have issues absorbing Magnesium, this can cause constipation...the kind that even a entire package of exlax does nothing for (been there). You need Natural Vitality Calm magnesium Powder, you can get it on amazon, start off with 1/4tsp (1-2g) in a tall glass of a warm beverage, raise the dose by 1/4tsp (1-2g) a day til you get loose stools then back it down that much.

The bloat could be the constipation or it could be something else. What is your diet?
We suggest a whole foods only diet starting off and you need to remove dairy, and oats, (the enzymes to break down dairy come from your villi which are damaged/destroyed by celiac and 10% of celiacs also react to oats)

]If your eating a ton of gluten free processed foods and not a whole foods diet your probably loading up on tons of starches and sugars. With celiac we are prone to intestinal issues like Candida, and SIBO. You can get tested for these or look at going to a low carb diet and seeing if the bloating stops after a few weeks. The Keto diet works great starting off as most recipes are gluten free, grain free, and very low carb so it helps with bloat and inflammation.

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Magnesium powder? I'll keep that in mind, but when I do go, I mine are already pretty loose looking. If by loose you mean, like a cow patty.

I am vegan, but cannot afford a whole foods diet. I only get about 190 a month to work with and I really do not have any transportation to get fresh vegetables and fruit every week. I need to buy things that last. Our fridge is screwed to, fresh veggies last a week and that's about it. I eat a lot of plain white rice, I rarely eat oats and a lot of rice pasta. I buy frozen vegetables and make home made soups and sauces a lot to freeze them. I eat a salad at least once a month though.

I get that whole foods diet a lot, but I simply can't afford it unfortunately. 

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