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Burning Muscles, Spasms, Cramps.. again

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Hi again, 

I haven't posted in awhile. I have been going through some VERY stressful personal things int he last few months and my "burning muscle" situation is worse than its ever been. This used to be the end of my glutening symptom cycle where some of my muscles would feel burning or inflamed. After one very physically demanding week and being out for a week after that (stuck on the couch with every joint in my body aching) I thought I had been cross contaminated but had no other typical symptoms. 

Anyhow- that was in February. I have been struggling to recover from my workouts (pilates, yoga, once a week weight lifting) because my abs and QL/psoas are burning. Or i am sore for longer than i normally am. 

I then recently had bloodwork for and my CK or CPK Creatine kinase was 6100, supposed to be under 200. It had been 3 days since I worked out (weights) they send me to the ER for fluids and run a bunch of other tests for inflammation or auto immune which all came back normal. My CK after a week dropped down to 700. Saw a neurologist today and waiting on a nerve muscle test in 2 months. 

Does anyone have this burning muscle situation? Since I stopped working out and resting more i am MORE tired. Would love any insight. I guess my thought is. I either have another food allergy (because the muscle pains remind me of pre-diagnosis/gluten-free diet the constant massaging of limbs) or its emotional trauma related.

Thanks :)

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Magnesium Deficiency fit? Cramps, slow recovery, nerve issues, burning tingling in arms muscles back etc....worse parts feel like fire hot needles rolling around? Common with Celiac, of course if your having magnesium issues B-vitamins, Iron, Zinc, etc are also gong to be there. So you might find you need to supplement them also. Magnesium...your body depletes with with physical and mental stress.
Sounds like the really bad end of I used to have after dia, I had to do magnesium salt soaks in addition to taking powder supplements, and the dosing tolerance was insane back then.  Dosing to tolerance with Magnesium Calm where you up your dose 2grams a day time til you get loose stools then back it down 2 grams. -_- Standard person tolerance is like 4-6g I was getting 18g  single doses back then and still hard stools but at least it beat the days of constipation. Now says I am good with 12g spread out.

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If you are taking a statin you need to quit it! or at least take a break from it to see if it causing your muscle pain as a reaction to the medicine.

Those high of numbers can be a bad side effect of statins for about 10 percent of those who use statins.


I had muscle pain (and memory loss) that when away when I stopped taking statins.

If you are not taking statins it could be a sign of Fibromyalgia.

Check your Vitamin D levels if they haven't been checked yet.


It (elevated CPK levels) can also be a sign of Polymyositis.


Polymyositis has been reported in adult celiac's.

Here is the link to the research


For the fatigue you might also add Thiamine or a good B-complex to your regimen.

It (Thiamine aka B-1) is one of the B-Vitamins needed in the Krebs cycle for to make energy.  The same way Magnesium is needed to help make energy and help with muscle cramps.  Thiamine is also needed to complete the Krebs cycle.

I used to have burning neuropathies that first B-12 helped (Pernicious Anemia) and finally B-1 (Thiamine) also helped some of my diabetic neuropathies. . .though Beri Beri a Vitamin B-1 deficiency is thought to be rare.  Diabetics are often low in B-1 and why my nerve endings I believe become inflammed.

Here is research article about how B-1 (Thiamine) can help any fatigue issues that Magnesium does not help with entilted "Thiamine and fatigue in inflammatory bowel diseases: an open-label pilot study."


I must quit for now but these seem like good places to start.  You know if you are taking a statin or not.  If you are stop taking it.

Have your Vitamin D levels checked to see if it being low is causing fibro symptom's.  Take the magnesium Ennis_tx recommended and start a good B-complex either 2/day or with each meal whichever is easiest to do and this should help. 

I hope this is helpful and good luck on getting well soon.

But if it is something more complex like Polymyositis at least you will have an idea where too look next and B-Vitamins are known to help Celiac's anyway. . .and the research on Thiamine (B-1) shows it (and Magnesium already mentioned by Ennis_tx) could help with your fatigue issues.

Again, I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advice.

2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things”

Posterboy by the grace of God,



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I had muscle aches and joint pain so bad the doctor checked for arthritis. It came back negative so he put me on b12 shots and it helped A LOT. Maybe get checked for vitamin deficiencies.


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