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Gluten free symptoms

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Sorry for the TMI, but I feel it's relevant to the post. I'm not sure of whether I have celiac or not, but I get sick on a gluten free diet, like bowel movements moving through me too quickly  or diarrhea, followed by itching.  I'll give an example of a typical morning where this sort of thing happens. I'll have had a gluten free bagel with cream cheese, and possibly something else. I have a sweet tooth, so it's likely I'll have something sweet as well which then is usually followed by problems a couple of hours later. Do you know if there's a particular reason for this?  Could it be something else in the food that I just don't know about?  

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First go back on gluten for the celiac test to rule that out.

Um stay away from gluten free processed foods. Most are carb/starch bombs, good chance of too much bacteria in your intestines going crazy with it, celiacs with our damaged guts and immune system are prone to SIBO and Candida.

We suggest a whole foods only diet starting off...those processed things and breads are treats.

Dairy, if your celiac your intestines villi are damaged, without these you do not produce enough of the enzymes to break it down so you become intolerant.

Sugars, are you using artificial or real? Real sugars you get the bacteria overgrowth issues, xylitol, erythitol can give you diarrhea if you eat too much and are not used to them. Moderation in all is key with carbs or none at all for some of us like me.

The itching sounds like it might be a allergy, keep a food diary, there are some odd things in processed gluten free foods that could do this. Xantham gum is a common one made from black mold, and in rare cases corn or tapioca can be a issue.

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