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Looking for a good GI doctor and nutritionist in Northern NJ

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Hey so far I have seen at least 2 GI in the last six months. One of them dismissed me and the other gave me the celiac diagnosis. I feel that I have other digestive issues that I have to get check for. Do you guys have suggestions on good GI doctors who won’t treat you like on a text book level. The nutritionist I went to basically told me what I needed to eat and to be honest she was a waste of time, I learned more about the diet from this board than her. I’m looking for a dietitian to check me for nutrionitnal deficiency’s and work with me. I feel that sometimes doctors and nutrionist like to suggest more visits so they can make more money off of you.  Sorry for the rant. 

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I had a nutritional panel run after my diagnosis (Marsh Stage IIIb — moderate to severe damage).   Oddly, besides an iron deficiency, I was not deficient in anything else.  My iron levels went into the normal range within just a few months.  However, I had already been living with a gluten free person for a decade, so I really knew the gluten-free diet.    I took the time to discover a few intolerances (e.g. Xanthan Gum).

I firmly believe in non-processed foods. I take no supplements and I am doing pretty well considering I have three autoimmune disorders.   

More importantly is remeasuring your antibodies.  Are they trending downward?  This can help determine if you are actually gluten free. 

Finally, it takes time to heal.  Most members take over a year to heal due to dietary errors or other collateral health issues.  

I hope you find the support you need!  

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